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When the BOSS needs help, They ask this "BOS"

Frequently Asked Questions:

It is very important when choosing a virtual assistant to make sure that the business relationship is a great fit for both of you.  These questions are a great start.


1. How long have you worked as a Virtual Assistant?

                ANSWER: BOS' Optimal Solutions is excited that we are in our second year of business.

2. What’s your background, experience and do you have a specific skill set?

                ANSWER:   I have over 20+ years of experience ranging from legal, small business and construction.


3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

                            ANSWER: I am highly organized however, I can be strong willed to get the task completed as requested requiring clarification and specific explanation
                            to facilitate the desired result.


4. How many clients do you have?

                ANSWER:  I currently have 12 committed continuous clients of varying levels.


5. What are your main communication methods?

                ANSWER: Email, telephone, text and private messaging depending on the circumstances and client.


6. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

                ANSWER: The variety of work to be completed.


7. How quickly do you usually respond to emails during your working hours?

                ANSWER:  Unless I am out of town, at a client’s office or training, within 1 hour.


8. Have you had a Client who had difficulty in describing his needs/ requirements?

                ANSWER: Yes.


9. You have a deadline when your computer suddenly crashed. What would you do?

                ANSWER: I have both a desktop and a laptop.  All files are stored on an external drive for use on either.


10. What are your plans for the next 5 years?

                ANSWER:  To grow my business significantly to be able to offer this as an option to others.

11. How do you track your time?

                ANSWER:  All work completed on behalf of a client is billed on a per minute basis. 
                                Example: if I work with you for 8 minutes by phone that is all that you
are billed for.

12. How quickly is work completed?

                ANSWER:  The work will be completed based on how complex the project.   Prior to work being completed, we will agree on a completion date.
                Regardless, I am committed to providing quality and professional work.

13. What forms of payment to you accept?

                ANSWER:  I accept all major credit cards, business check and Pay Pal payments.  

14. Do you require a contract?
                ANSWER:  For the protection of my clients and myself, I require a standardized agreement which outlines the understanding of our independent
                contractor status, scope of work to be completed, confidentiality, and billing terms and conditions.

15. How do I get started?
                ANSWER:  To get started, simply contact me at 920.428.4778 or through the Contact form to schedule a time to meet to discuss your project needs,
                review standardized agreement and provide retainer.  Once that is complete, work on your projects will commence.

A virtual assistant is an extension of your business. To be of the best assistance to you, I need to know what tasks you want to delegate, how you want them accomplished and when.  If a virtual assistant doesn’t or can’t do the tasks as desired, then keep searching.  Don’t settle.