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Posted on June 30, 2016 at 8:45 AM

By: CeCelia Bos, Bos’ Optimal Solutions, LLC

It is amazing how many times I have tried to help my clients, friends and family members by providing them with the "how to protect themselves" information based on whatever situation they are currently involved in.

My dream had always been to start BOS' Optimal Solutions and now that I have, I have realized that I am my own worst client. You know the example many reference, the plumbers house has bad plumbing; The carpenter’s house is falling down. Well in my world, the business consultant isn’t following their own advice to protect their business.

How is it as a business consultant I can assist my clients and provide insight in areas of...

• Make sure your contract is drafted correctly, completely and correctly.

o If you’re not sure how to do this, hire someone who is experienced in this area to assist you.

• Make sure you receive payment before you complete the work requested.

o If a client isn’t willing to provide you payment, something is hinky.

• Make sure that you understand completely what the client is looking for.

o Communication is the key! It’s amazing how many times what a client requests aren’t exactly what they want. I actually had to redo a website 3 times before the client finally explained what they were truly looking for. And the best part, she had a complete layout of colors, placement, etc. But, when asked, this information wasn’t provided. If a client gives you carte blanche to do the work…run away very fast! Unless you enjoy redoing your work.

• Make sure you have a budget and business plan that is going to provide you with the necessary guidelines and motivation for moving your business forward.

o This seems so simple and yet is very hard to execute. As a business owner, you know what you want and where you want to go. Having a solid business plan and the proper budgets in place, provides you with the map you need to actually accomplish your goals. And if you take that side street, whether by accident or by choice, you can always find your way back.

• Make sure you are not doing things the hard way. There may be easier methods that you are not aware of.

o Whether we like it or not, we business owners don’t know everything. Shocker, I know. Sometimes, the best advice comes from places you least expect.

* Other business owners in the same industry or similar ones are one of the best sources of answers to the “How do I?” or the “Am I doing this right?”

* It could be a very close friend who can offer a different perspective. I am blessed with one who is exceptionally good at this.

* Or worse yet, your teenager. Mine just got me good when I was explaining a situation and she provided me with alternative that was so simple and yet I was missing it completely.

And fail to do them myself with my own business!

I have been in business for two years and have, unfortunately, had several painful lessons. The upside is that it has allowed me to embrace that even as an entrepreneur I need to remember I am also my first client. This means taking my own advice and learning from the lessons that life has provided. Only then can I, or any person/entrepreneur be successful.


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